"On-Site" Medical Testing Services

Compliance made Simple !!

OHSS (Occupational health & support services)

OHSS On-Site Service


"We are  an "On-Site" medical screening company providing medical screening  services and consultation to both industry and the community" 

We specialize in DOT, MSHA, OSHA, USCG, ADA, & HIPPA compliance issues, providing our clients  with updated information to keep them in full  compliance.

We will come to your place of business to see what exactly what  needs a client may have in mandated medical  testing, safety training, and/or compliance with the governmental organization their business is under.  If a client has something we are not familiar with, we will research the need(s)  and point them in the direction to peruse or solve their needs.

We understand our client's busy schedules with manufacturing shifts (3 per day or rotating shifts) and /or  construction clients having to get the guys out in the field with the necessity travel time involved.  We can also do Weekend & Holidays  if needed.

We have set up mobile units on a construction work site to provide a staff member that can conduct  screening and a medical first aid  for several months at a time.

We Offer Many Benefits to Accommodate Your Needs


* "On-site" Services at your business

* Very cost effective for employers

*Reduces Employee down -time by having exams conducted On site

* Testing services available "24/7"

Full Compliance with:  ADA, HIPPA, DOT, OSHA, MSHA, & USCG

* We can conduct Full Compliance Reviews

* Ideal for large organizations who have multi-site locations

*Convenience & accessibility, encourage increased participation's

* Reduces duplication cost of required medical procedures

Allows for sharing of services between  medical providers

* Early identification of health issues

* Employers & employees save time & money by using our On-Site services

Services We Can Offer


*Audiograms & Hearing Conversation Programs

*Environmental Hygiene Studies for Dust or Noise Exposures

*Blood work for General or Occupational Exposures & DNA Testing Services

* Drug & Alcohol Testing (BAT) for:

DOT or DFWP Programs w/ MRO Services, DOT Consortitum/TPA for Random Testing

DOT Medical Exams

Respirator Medical Exams/ PFT and Fit Testing for Qualitative or Quantitative Needs.

*CPR Training & Other Safety Training    Needs

*On-site chest X-Rays for Occupational Exposures (NIOSH Reading)

* Safety Sensitive Medical Exams for:

ERT,Fire Fighters, Hazamant Team Needs

*Vision Screening for specific Certifications

* Wellness Programs & Sleep Studies

*Full DOT Compliance Reviews, including:

D & A compliance, Driver Qualification Files, Background Checks, Driver License Checks, Vehicle Inspections, Post Accidents, Safety Audits



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